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Founded in 1989 by Omer Kucukaslan, Kucukaslan Tekstil company in a short period of time became Turkey's leading brand in underwear clothing. Manufacturer of wool, thermal and cotton underwear, shapers, bamboo shapers, socks, pajamas and boxer types & with up to 30 knitting machines, producing its own needs of fabrics in house. With its employees and executives who have adopted innovation; working without sacrificing customer satisfaction and quality is the fundamentals of the company's understanding of service.
We are glad to welcome you to our website! This site was created in order to help shoppers understand the vast world of Turkish brands of fashionable and high quality clothing and footwear. On our site you will find many Turkish online stores where you can choose clothes and shoes for yourself and your whole family at competitive prices. Also, this site will be of interest to wholesale buyers purchasing goods on the Internet. The peculiarity of purchasing goods in Turkish online stores is that the delivery of goods is carried out from the warehouse of the online store only to the Turkish address of the buyer. The goods cannot be sent outside Turkey.
In July 2011, we started our journey with the motto "Happy Customers Smiling Faces'. We have referenced each of our customers coming out of our stores. Our biggest concern is not to please our guests, that is why we work harder to increase the quality of our service. One of our most valuable principles is to provide corporate service with our corporate tradesmen identity. At the same time, as C & CITY family, we regularly evaluate the complaints and suggestions of our esteemed guests. In our family, we as employees have missions and not different titles. The only title of every person you see under the roof of C & CITY is "Satisfaction Representative". Therefore, every moment you are not satisfied is a loss for us. If you encounter situations that do not meet our objectives, please contact us, we promise to make ourselves forgive.
Bross Tekstil A.S. has been established in 2008 with the partnership agreement between Asim YAVUZ ARSLAN, the 40 years doyen of the sock sector and Mustafa KOZUVA, the Chairman of the Kozuva Group of Companies. The Bross family has been closely adhering to embracing the mission, the vision and the values specified in order to be “the best” in this sector, besides passing to its new building which was build on an area of 25.000m² in the year of 2012, having a stylish administrative building which will provide a comfortable environment for work, hygienic dining hall, meeting rooms, training hall and library, spacious and clean operating area, machinery park with state-of-the-art machines, and special arrangements for work safety. It has increased its capacity in a short time by exporting products to 40 different countries and increased its capacity to monthly 5 million pairs. (European Countries, U.S.D. , Canada, Russia, Middle East, Balkan Countries, Eastern Europe) By the end of the year 2013, having started its design and R&D studies in the year of 2012 to create its own brand, it has made great progress on this path, allocating 30% of its production to its own brand.